Dash Cams


Keep an eye on things, in high definition.

Dash cams are great for capturing close calls and incidents while you drive. When it comes to settling an accident, nothing will close your case faster than an HD video of the event. While single camera front facing units are most cost effective, higher end multi-camera systems are available that can capture what’s happening both inside and all around your vehicle.

Smart sensors ensure every bump or ding is captured, even when you’re not around.

Most dash cam surveillance systems will also feature parking mode. When enabled, the dash camera will automatically activate anytime it detects movement. This means that those parking lot bumps, dings or break-ins will be recorded, giving you peace of mind when you walk away from your vehicle.

Sharp footage guaranteed, day or night.

The latest dash cam systems are packed with cutting-edge camera technology, including low-light mode. Models with this feature guarantee quality footage, even in the middle of the night from their great low-light sensitivity sensors.