Radar & Laser Detection


Detect them before they detect you.

Get an alert when the speed of your vehicle is being tracked by law enforcement through a simple in-dash LED indicator and sound. This provides the driver with ample time to reduce their speed and avoid a speeding ticket. Sensors can be placed on both the front and back of the vehicle for complete coverage.


No reading, no ticket.

Laser defence systems can disable police laser by temporarily preventing the speed reading. This allows the driver more time to reduce their speed once a laser signal has been detected. The most effective laser jammers offer 360 degree coverage via front and rear installations on the vehicle.


Avoid the heat while being discreet.

Radar detection and laser defence systems can be mounted subtly within the grille, bumpers and or license plate holders of your vehicle - the only one who will know they’re there is you. In the cabin, indicators can be placed in the gauge cluster and will only be seen when the driver is being alerted.

Radar & Laser Detection FAQ


How do radar detectors work?
Radar detectors notify drivers when the device picks up microwave frequencies emitted by police radar systems. This alert allows the driver time to slow down before the police radar can capture a speed reading from the vehicle.

Are radar detectors legal in Canada?
Yes! Radar Detectors are currently legal in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

What’s the difference between police radar and police laser?
Police radar casts a radio wave that can cover large distances, while police laser casts a narrow beam over a short distance. Police can use radar to detect vehicle speeds while in motion, unlike police laser where the officer must be stationary to capture a speed reading. Since laser works only over short distances, there is no warning once a vehicle has been targeted. Speeding vehicles will always get ticketed by police radar if they are not also equipped with a laser jammer.

How do laser jammers work?
Police laser (LIDAR) systems beam an infrared laser at the targeted vehicle. This signal bounces off of the vehicle and back to the gun. A speed reading is then calculated from the time it takes for this signal to return to the gun. Laser jammers prevent this speed calculation by emitting a stronger infrared signal back at the laser. This causes a common error code on the laser gun meaning “insufficient data”, and is no indicator to the officer that the vehicle is equipped with laser defence. Most radar detection systems also include laser detection, allowing the driver time to slow their speed before the officer can try again.

Are laser jammers legal in Canada?
Yes! There are no laws preventing the ownership and/or use of laser defence systems in Canada.

If there are laser jammers, why aren’t there radar jammers too?
Radar emitting devices are illegal to operate in Canada without a license. Due to this, radar detection is the only defence available for police radar.

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