Top Reasons to Tint Your Windows

While tinting your vehicle's windows can add a luxury feel and improve it's overall aesthetic, there are many other benefits to shading that glass.  Here are the top benefits of window tint: 


1) Keep your valuables out of sight.

Prevent thieves from window shopping for your items by making them more difficult to see.

2) Protect your interior. 

The sun's UV rays are harsh and can quickly fade the plastics on your dash and doors, not to mention the fabric and leathers that cover your seats.  Shade those harmful rays and maintain that showroom look!

3) Shatter-proof your glass. 

Once installed, window film can actually improve the structural integrity of the glass, making it more resistant to shattering on impact.  In the case of a shatter, tint can also prevent shards of glass from flying about the cabin and injuring passengers. 

4) Keep your cabin cool.

A high grade of window tint can reduce the heat built up in your car by up to 80%! 

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