Remote Starters


Upgrade the comfort and convenience of your vehicle year-round.

During the frigid winter months, a command starter allows you to warm and defrost your vehicle without having to step outside. Many forget that a starter can also be used to cool your vehicle during the hot and sunny summer months.

Start your car when you’re near or far.

NextGen stocks a wide variety of remote starter brands and models - some of our products offer an unlimited range between you and your vehicle. Our experts can help you pick the perfect starter for your needs.

Fob or fob-less, the choice is yours.

We are proud to offer command starters for all vehicle types and budgets. For those who prefer a key fob, NextGen offers both one and two-way starters. One-way starters enhance your comfort while being the most budget friendly, while two-way starters offer longer ranges and the added convenience of confirming that your vehicle started successfully. Some of our products will even allow you to continue using your factory key as the starter! For those wanting to ditch the fob altogether, we offer an app-controlled smart starter which uses your smartphone, smartwatch or voice assistant to start your vehicle.

Still have questions? Check out our Remote Start FAQ!